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20. Third Day

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The village of Sou-pont lies about 5 km west of Bombardopolis at an altitude of 450 m. The site is in a green valley at the crossroads, hardly accessible with our equipment.

The well is the only source of water for the village, which has about 2,000 inhabitants. Before the well was put into operation, local people had to walk to the water stream through rough terrain. The journey there and back took three hours. Moreover, without any certainty that water will be available. The well was originally fitted with a foot pump. Since 2016 a new hand pump India has been put into operation.

Drilling of this well had a dramatic course, which is aptly described in the work diary: "At a depth of 5 to 8 meters the borehole keeps filling with black gravel but we continue. At a depth of 38 m the hammer jams and cannot move. We pour soapy water into the borehole. We try to spin the string with a hydraulic arm from the truck. We are exhausted, there are about one hundred local spectators around us. We finish at one o'clock in the morning. The next day we try to pull out the rods with the help of hydraulic legs of the truck, but in vain. When pulling, the four-ton chain snapped. In the evening we drill with a second hammer around jammed rods that stick out of the ground. On the third day in the afternoon the string becomes loose and water starts spouting from the borehole. That is why we name the well Third day." The well is 37 meters deep, the water column is 11 meters.

The drilling mission, during which the well Third day was built, was financially supported by a permanent UN mission in Haiti, Minustah.

Další informace

  • Lokalita - en: Sou-pont (Bombardopolis)
  • GPS - en: lat: 19.686111, lng: -73.363333
  • Stav - en: put into operation 25. 2. 2013
  • Hloubka vrtu - en: 37 m
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