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21. Lucy

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The village of Vernet is located less than five kilometres southwest of Bombardopolis at an altitude of 500 m. The place is densely populated. Before the construction of the well the people used rain water from an open tank which is located not far from the well and it is now used only as non-potable water.

The borehole is 33 meters deep and has an abundant spring. Drilling in the limestone bedrock went without complications. The well is fitted with a hand pump India. Due to high occupancy of the well, in the future we would like to install a system of solar electric pump with a storage tank.

The drilling mission, during which the well Lucie was built, was financially supported by a permanent UN mission in Haiti, Minustah.

Další informace

  • Lokalita - en: Vernet (Bombardopolis)
  • GPS - en: lat: 19.676667, lng: -73.353611
  • Stav - en: put into operation 21. 2. 2013
  • Hloubka vrtu - en: 33 m
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