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11. Eve

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Ma Savone is five kilometres south of Bombardopolis not far from the road to Baie - de - Henne. The well is located near the elementary school. The original source of water for the local residents was a stream four kilometres away with a bad quality water.

The borehole is 58 meters deep, the water column reaches 38 meters. Drilling was very complicated. The well is fitted with a foot pump Vergnet.

The drilling mission, during which the well Eva was built, was financially supported by the St. Elizabeth College of Health and Social Work.

Další informace

  • Lokalita - en: Ma Savone (Bombardopolis)
  • GPS - en: lat: 19.67554755, lng: -73.33292819
  • Stav - en: put into operation 31. 3. 2012
  • Hloubka vrtu - en: 58 m
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