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9. Anthony

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The well Anthony is located amidst the coastal village of Baie-de-Henne. The village has two thousand inhabitants; it serves as a centre for about 8,000 people living in nearby villages. The whole area is surrounded by arid hills, slopes are covered with thorny bushes, agaves and cacti. In Baie-de-Henne and the surroundings we operate a total of seven wells.

The well is fitted with a hand pump India and belongs to our most abundant and busiest wells. It bears the name of St. Anthony of Padua.

The construction of this well was substantially supported by Roman Catholic parish Blatnice under St. Anthony from the Czech Republic.

Další informace

  • Lokalita - en: Baie-de-Henne (the village center)
  • GPS - en: lat: 19.668271, lng: -73.212701
  • Stav - en: put into operation 5. 3. 2012
  • Hloubka vrtu - en: 15 m
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