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8. Magdalene

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The settlement of Citerne Remy is situated about 15 kilometers east of Bombardopolis on the road linking this village with Baie-de-Henne. The area has an altitude of approximately 350 m. Due to inaccessible hilly landscape, it is largely cut off from the more populated areas. The well Magdalena is one of the main sources of drinking water in Citerne Remy and the surroundings.

Drilling work took place in the spring of 2011. In one day we managed to drill 27 rods (82 meters), but we didn´t reach the water. There appeared only minor leaks, but the borehole was lagged for safety reasons to the depth of 64 metres. During the spring 2012 mission inspection of the well was carried out. Surprisingly, we measured a thirty-meter water column. For that reason, concreting and fitting of the pump followed. The amount of water depends on rainfall which is the weakest during late summer. The original foot pump was replaced in 2016 by a hand pump India.

The drilling mission, during which the well Magdalena was built, was financially supported by the St. Elizabeth College of Health and Social Work.

Další informace

  • Lokalita - en: Citerne Rémy (Bombardopolis)
  • GPS - en: lat: 19.67775, lng: -73.286659
  • Stav - en: put into operation 2. 3. 2012
  • Hloubka vrtu - en: 64 m
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