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What Equipment Do We Use?

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The basis of our drilling operations on Haiti is a Praga V3S all terrain multipurpose truck, a drilling rig SLVE 81 and a compressor Atlas Copco XAVS 307Cd. Our mission is equipped with devices and tools for drilling operations and machinery service.

Until 2014 we used the offroad Santana PS 10 for passenger and light freight transportation. At present we are looking for funds to buy a new car, which is necessary for the continuation of our activities.

In 2009 we also transported to Haiti a Praga V3S mobile workshop truck for the needs of the mission in Baie-de-Henne.

The equipment on Haiti is exposed to extreme load. Despite being cautious and using our long-term experience, there is high wear which requires intensive service. The equipment suffers especially when transporting in difficult terrain, it is confronted with frequent load, high levels of dust and high temperatures. But it is doing its job very well and with respect to the above mentioned demands, it shows a long life and great effectiveness.
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