Our equipment and machines

What Equipment Do We Use?

The basis of our drilling operations on Haiti is a Praga V3S all terrain multipurpose truck, a drilling rig SLVE 81 and a compressor Atlas Copco XAVS 307Cd. Our mission is equipped with devices and tools for drilling operations and machinery service.

Until 2014 we used the offroad Santana PS 10 for passenger and light freight transportation. At present we are looking for funds to buy a new car, which is necessary for the continuation of our activities.

In 2009 we also transported to Haiti a Praga V3S mobile workshop truck for the needs of the mission in Baie-de-Henne.

The equipment on Haiti is exposed to extreme load. Despite being cautious and using our long-term experience, there is high wear which requires intensive service. The equipment suffers especially when transporting in difficult terrain, it is confronted with frequent load, high levels of dust and high temperatures. But it is doing its job very well and with respect to the above mentioned demands, it shows a long life and great effectiveness.

Praga V3S All Terrain Multipurpose Truck

Praga V3S is a light truck, older but of very successful construction, designed for difficult terrain. It is not very comfortable, but is characterized by offroad capability while driving, simplicity of design, high wear hardness and many possibilities for repairs right in the field. The three-axle truck with all-wheel drive is powered by an air-cooled diesel engine. All wheels are equipped with a speed reduction, rear axles have a locking differential.

Our car has a three-way tipping deck and is equipped with a hydraulic arm Fassi F60A.22 (capacity 2 tons). Praga V3S all terrain multipurpose truck is used for transport and handling of a drilling rig, drilling tools and building material.

Technical information about Praga V3S machines can be found here.

Drilling Rig SLVE 81

Electro/hydraulic drilling rig SLVE 81 is intended for percussion hammer drill to hard rock using pneumatic hammer with the drill bit (down-the-hole hammer). The parameters of the drilling rig were adjusted to suit the demanding conditions on Haiti. The rig is powered by a diesel generator Hatz 1D81S with starting handle, which is characterized by a simple design and high durability. The machine has a simple construction and low weight. This allows us to move around in mountainous terrain.

Description and technical parameters:
  • 7.5kW power, pressure 120 bar, flow rate of 40 l / min
  • Four-inch hammer drill, practical reach 105 m depth

Atlas Copco Compressor XAVS 307Cd

The compressor is powered by pneumatic hammer impact and by air pressure it takes broken up rock out to surface. We use powerful and high-quality compressor from the company Atlas Copco fitted on a single-axle chassis.
  • Pressure: 14 bar, the air volume 18.6 m3 / min
  • Caterpillar diesel engine

Santana PS 10 Service Car

The Santana PS 10 car was donated to our organization in 2010 by the Municipality of Prague. The Santana is an orthodox offroad for rough terrain made by a Spanish manufacturer which, unfortunately, in 2011 ended its production. Although this car has proved itself in difficult terrain, due to the termination of production has unsustainably expensive service. Currently it is stationary due to its defects on the chassis. After the construction of our service facilities we plan to repair the chassis using parts from another manufacturer. Santana will continue to be used for field work, especially for the service of our wells spread out in the mountainous terrain.

For the functioning of the mission a personal car is absolute necessity. Currently we are looking for funds to purchase a new offroad.

Technical specifications Santana PS 10: 92 kW, volume 2.8 litres, year of production 2005

Praga V3S Mobile Workshop Truck

SPraga mobile workshop truck was sent to Haiti in 2009. It served in the Parish Baie-de-Henne to transport building materials, agricultural crops and as a bus. It was adjusted for this purpose (additional diesel tanks, folding benches for sitting and others). Currently the car is awaiting a complete service, which is planned after the completion of the construction of the base.

Technical information about Praga V3S machines can be found here.

Toyota Hilux Service Car

After putting the offroad Santana out of operation, our work on Haiti is currently limited in that we do not have a personal off-road car. This is necessary both in terms of transport itself, but also for safety reasons. Now we are forced to use expensive and inefficient rental car.

We are looking for resources to buy offroad Toyota Hilux, which we chose as the best vehicle when comparing different factors: the purchase price, performance, cost of operation, maintenance and availability demands.

Technical specifications of Toyota Hilux:
  • Four-cylinder 2.5 l turbodiesel
  • Performance 102 HP
  • Five-speed manual transmission