Why We Do It

  • Haiti is a country with significant economic emigration - if we can help people in their own country, they will have no reason to leave
  • We make drinking water accessible to people – shortage of water on Haiti is a key issue which blocks the solution to other related problems - assistance in this area is very effective
  • Development aid gives people the chance to change their destiny
  • On Haiti we work in the way that we believe makes sense: we know the local environment and its inhabitants, we focus on one main thing
  • We enjoy it, without excitement and self-renunciation it would not be possible to continue in this activity
What can a well with drinking water change?
  • People can drink accessible and safe water
  • The inhabitants of the villages where we operate can devote more of their time to their development, work, business and education – they do not have to daily walk for water several kilometres
  • Provision of water is primarily the responsibility of women and children, in the rugged terrain of the department of Nord-Ouest a normal journey for water takes several hours, carrying heavy barrels with water damages the spine
  • Clean water from a well is a basic health prevention – on Haiti there are widespread abdominal infections and parasitic diseases, for us it is a natural thing to wash our hands, large amounts of water resources in Haiti are contaminated
Why can´t people on Haiti build the wells themselves?
  • On Haiti there is unfavourable geological compositionto manually dig a well is in most cases impossible
    • water is often located at great depths, layers are disturbed by faults, water is hard to find
    • water can be salty as far as several hundred meters from the coast, exploratory drilling is advantageous
    • wells in the mountainous areas are mostly made into a rock, they can be built effectively only with the help of a drilling rig
    • there are already wells dug up in the areas where this is feasible
  • for the most settlements and communities, it is financially and technically impossible to carry out such a demanding work
  • local residents do not have the technical skills or equipment to drill wells