Where We Operate

  • We operate on Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, located about a thousand kilometres southeast of Florida on the island of Hispaniola, which Haiti shares with the Dominican Republic
  • Haiti is a politically unstable, economically underdeveloped and overpopulated country, over 95 % of the inhabitants are black, descendants of African slaves
  • The country has a disrupted ecosystem, faces natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes), bears the legacy of turbulent and bloody history
  • Our activities are focused primarily on the department of Nord Ouest, which is among the most underdeveloped parts of Haiti - it's a dry, sometimes semi-desert area close to total deforestation, there are no paved roads, bridges, electrical connection, and no sufficient social infrastructure
Where are our wells located
  • Here you can look at the map of Haiti showing our wells
  • We build wells where there is a great consumption of water (such as near schools, health centres, in the centre of villages), or in places where there is no source (mountain and fishing villages), or where the available resources of surface water are insanitary
Important places
  • Currently we are using part of a school campus in the inland village of Bombardopolis as a depot for our equipment, most of our wells are located in this area
  • We are planning to build a base in the fishing village of Baie-de-Henne, where our first wells have been made
  • Baie-de-Henne is also the name of a commune with about 15,000 inhabitants
  • We have built several wells for medical and social projects of Italian missionaries in the mountain villages of Mare Rouge and Ti Riviere
  • The administrative centre of the department of Nord Ouest is a port town of Port-de-Paix, the home of our project partner – Caritas
  • Administrative and customs issues are resolved in the capital city of Port-au-Prince