What We Do

  • By using a drilling rig we build wells with drinking water and provide their service
  • Our wells are intended for local communities (settlements, villages) in the poorest areas and for organizations conducting social and educational activities (orphanages, schools, health centres)
  • We are preparing to build a base for development activities in the fishing village of Baie-de-Henne, which will allow us to service the equipment and implement the activities aimed at technical education and tree planting
  • We specialize in development assistance, our project is small, but specific, long-term and has visible results
“If we can help people in their own country, they will have no reason to leave.”

  • We send three to four-member drilling teams to Haiti, completed by local workers
  • We perform drilling work, especially in the remote department of Nord-Ouest, new wells are fitted with pumps
  • We examine new locations - we look for water
  • We perform inspection, clean wells and repair pumps
  • We keep the equipment, which is subject to heavy workload, in an operable state
  • We employ local workers, we teach them technical skills
  • We support several schools and orphanages (school supplies, books, toys)
  • We inform about the situation in Haiti, we transmit the experience of this country and its inhabitants
  • We have been operating in Haiti since 2009