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Santana PS 10 Service Car

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The Santana PS 10 car was donated to our organization in 2010 by the Municipality of Prague. The Santana is an orthodox offroad for rough terrain made by a Spanish manufacturer which, unfortunately, in 2011 ended its production. Although this car has proved itself in difficult terrain, due to the termination of production has unsustainably expensive service. Currently it is stationary due to its defects on the chassis. After the construction of our service facilities we plan to repair the chassis using parts from another manufacturer. Santana will continue to be used for field work, especially for the service of our wells spread out in the mountainous terrain.

For the functioning of the mission a personal car is absolute necessity. Currently we are looking for funds to purchase a new offroad.

Technical specifications Santana PS 10: 92 kW, volume 2.8 litres, year of production 2005
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