Current Situation and Vision

  • In difficult conditions we completed three dozen wells that provide water for thousands of inhabitants on Haiti – we maintain our wells, we provide inspection and service
  • Constantly struggling with under-funding of our activities, we have the know-how, experienced staff and effective plan, the future of our development missions Praga-Haiti, however, depends primarily on how many resources we can get
  • We need to provide for a new service car, we must invest into maintenance of our equipment, in order to stabilize and make our operations effective, we want to build our own base in the village of Baie-de-Henne in the department of Nord-Ouest - these are the necessary prerequisites for the continuation of our drilling work, which we have been conducting without our own facilities and in improvised conditions
  • We plan to expand our activities – we want to complement our activities with technical teaching and small projects aimed at planting trees and small-scale agriculture (based on demand of the inhabitants)
 Vision for Praga-Haiti 2016 - 2017
Graphics in the bottom of the page shows the four key steps to continue and develop our activities on Haiti and at the same time shows how many resources we have available, that is, in which phase we are. More about funding is provided here.

  • Service mission 2016: it includes inspection and service of wells, inspection and maintenance of vehicles and equipment
  • Car: in 2015 we were forced to put out of operation our offroad Santana for multiple failures, for any further activities in the field a personal all-terrain vehicle is indispensable - in terms of transport and security, we plan to purchase a new offroad, for our work we are currently using a short term car rental (rental rates are very high in Haiti)
  • Base: for the continuation and development of our activities in Haiti we need our own base - we want to build it in Baie-de-Henne, first as temporary facilities (part 1) and later as long-term and well-equipped facilities for our employees – it will provide accommodation, roofed space for our equipment, warehouse, service and teaching workshop
  • Drilling of new wells: for further drilling mission it is necessary to purchase a new diesel generator for drilling rigs and meeting the budget for implementing a missions
 Long-term vision of the development mission of Praga-Haiti
Our long term vision is a permanent development mission in Baie-de-Henne, which will provide:

  • drilling and maintenance of wells with drinking water
  • reparation of non-functioning wells drilled by organizations which have already left Haiti
  • training in technical skills
  • creation of a local working and service team
  • universal support of community in the regional area of the village of Baie-de-Henne (commune Baie-de-Henne)
  • technical assistance to organizations and missions operating in the department of Nord-Ouest
  • facilities for activities of professionals from other disciplines (engineers, medics)