Our Results

  • In the difficult terrain of the department of Nord-Ouest we have put into operation thirty wells - the current number and situation is given in the list of wells
  • We keep our wells in operation, we perform their inspection and service
  • We have transported specialized equipment, implemented ten technical missions and sent nearly 40 specialists to Haiti
  • We have conducted a total of nearly 100 drillings, including unsuccessful ones - salty, lime, dry, drillings which ended prematurely because of an unstable rock and exploratory drillings
  • Average depth of our wells is 42 m, the deepest borehole is 106 m
  • The wells are used by approximately 25,000 inhabitants
 History of Praga-Haiti:
  • 2008: we prepare the first mission to Haiti and a truck for the mission in Baie-de-Henne
  • 2009: we send the first mission to Haiti with a Praga V3S mobile workshop truck
  • 2010: we send the second mission, just days after the devastating earthquake, we dispatch machinery and equipment for drilling
  • 2011: at the beginning of the year we make our first drillings and put into operation six wells in a remote department of Nord-Ouest
  • 2016: so far ten technical missions have been sent, their role was to drill new wells and keep the existing wells in operation
  • we are looking for funds for the continuation of our work – we are preparing another technical mission and big investment is awaiting us - we need to purchase a new passenger car and a new diesel generator for the drilling rig, we want to build our own base