Frank Boya is a new member of the mission heading to the Haiti. He was born in Haiti, speaks French fluently and also knows the situation in Haiti very well - the mentality of local people, their problems and concerns. We asked Frank a few questions.

frank boyaCan you introduce yourself a bit?
Sure. My name is Franck Junior Boya, I am 38 years old. I am a French citizen but I was born in Haiti. Formerly, I used to work as an IT manager in Paris. I got two children.

Why did you decide to be a part of the Praga-Haiti mission team?
I met the team at February while I enjoyed my vacation in Haiti. I felt in love with what the Praga-Haiti does.

How do you mean that?
The access to the drinking water in Haiti is terrible. The work of Praga-Haiti is very meaningful and useful for the people who live without government assistance.

What position will you have in the team?
I will work as interpreter and technician in the team.

Do you have any idea what can you expect in Haiti?
I am a native Haitian and therefore I know the situation there - the good and the bad. I will be useful part of the mission team, hopefully.