We bring information from the department Nord-Ouest, where we implement our project. The report is from our colleague from Port-de-Paix.
Matthew hurricane Reuters"In Port-de-Paix, we had some wind and some rain (which was badly needed for the gardens), but it appears no major damage.

In the west it is another story. Mole St. Nicolas and Bombardopolis had major damage. Many trees down and gardens destroyed. Many people have lost the sheet metal roofs of their homes. I have not heard of major damage to schools or churches. Phone and internet signals are bad, or non-existent. No one has given a report on the condition of the roads, because no one was able to get past the downed trees.

I talked to administrator at the hospital in Bombard. Many, many trees down, but the hospital had no major damage. In Jean Rabel said that the rain damaged some roofs. Ti Riviere had much rain and wind.

The biggest damage is in the South - Jérémie, Les Cayes. Many trees uprooted, roofs gone, flooding. The major big bridge to the area has been destroyed, so no one knows how relief will arrive.

It appears that the early warnings by the government and the digital phone companies prevented a large loss of lives. I have heard that only seven people died.

Thanks for your prayers."

Foto: Reuters