Interesting Facts

Thanks to us, and through you, tens of thousands of people can have access to drinking water - which is key to the development of Haiti.

What makes our project unique ?
  • Implementation of demanding infrastructural projects with visible results
  • Our work is concrete, sustainable and effective
  • We perform our work ourselves and with our own equipment
  • We gradually create a team of local workers
  • Our organization is small, but passionate for the cause
A few interesting facts about the region where we operate...
  • In the department of Nord Ouest, where we operate, Christophe Columbus landed during his first voyage on the Feast of St. Nicholas 6. 12. 1492 - this place is now a small town Môle Saint-Nicolas
  • on Haiti there are no deadly vipers
  • Laferrière citadel built on Haiti in the 18th century is the largest historical fortress of the American continent, however, it has never been fired from its 365 canons during a battle
  • Traditional entertainment of Haitian men are cockfights
  • A large part of the population practices or recognizes voodoo cult - a mixture of West African polytheistic spirituality, religion of Caribbean Indians and Roman Catholicism
  • Near the northern coast of Haiti there is an island of Tortuga, which was in the 17th century a refuge for pirates and buccaneers and is also known for the movie The Black Corsair or the Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Haiti's national sport is soccer, in villages it is often played with a PET bottle, in 1974 Haiti first competed in the World Football Cup
  • Outdoor grilling of meat in smoke from the wood known as barbecue was first seen by Europeans in the 15th century in Haiti, the name comes from taíno language barabicu
  • Between Catholics and voodoo shamans is popular the icon of the Polish Madonna of Czestochowa famous for its black skin - a relic left by several thousand Polish legionnaires deployed in Haiti by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802