Finances and Management

  • the total costs of our assistance to Haiti since 2008 have amounted to about 550 000 USD
  • graphics in the bottom of the page displays the current key costs for the continuation of our work - the amounts are approximate and do not include other related and operating costs, which we are able to meet from the continuously acquired revenues (thanks to the Club of Friends and long-term sponsors)
Description of our expenditures on development activities

Costs associated with the basic operation of the project

  • Maintenance of operational equipment in Haiti - it is the biggest item which is a key to meeting our goal (purchasing parts, machinery and equipment, transport, service work)
  • To maintain a long-term mission, we need a permanent base, some material and equipment for its construction is already in Haiti
  • Operating costs (administration, promotion)

Implementation of foreign missions

  • Includes personal expenses of drilling technicians and technicians, accommodation, meals, flights, fuel for transport and other costs
  • Direct costs of the wells - fuel for drilling machinery, pipes for drilling support, hand pumps, construction material
  • The budget for a three-month and three-member drilling mission, if the machines are okay, is approximately 25 to 35 000 USD according to the number of wells undertaken and completed or other costs (servicing existing wells, renovation of pumps)