We are a group of people who decided to help people in Haiti – in an underdeveloped poorest country in the western hemisphere. Our objective is development aid in the area of basic human needs, long term priority of provision of sources of drinkable water. We have been sending drilling missions to Haiti since 2009 in order to dig wells with our own imported equipment and provide their service.

„If we help people in their own country, they won´t have a reason to leave it.“

The core of the team is from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We cooperate and are supported in our activities by people and partners from Haiti, Canada, USA, France, Italy and other countries. We are people of different faith and age. Tens of people have participated in the project as members of organisation team, drilling technicians, actors of fundraising and presentation actions, technicians for preparation of machinery to be sent and consultants. Thousands of people support the project by different size donations. Part of them are members of Club of Friends of Praga-Haiti, which provides us a long term financial support. Many people support the project in other ways, or are simply fans.

Project Praga-Haiti is a work of a community. Behind every built well there are hundreds of people who did not hesitate to share or to invest their time for people on the other side of the planet who do not have anything.

Project Praga-Haiti is run by a non-profit organization Fidcon based in Jablonné nad Orlicí (Czech Republic).

Clear information about Praga-Haiti is available in Quick summary of our activities which you can enter via menu in the right column or blue signpost on home page. Database of our wells is in the section Wells in top menu.

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Thank you for your support!